Okay creates content and easy-to-use engines to create your ads. The ads we show on Okay are promoted based on the information we have about you and your activity.

  • The activity you and other users do
  • Information from Okay profiles
  • Content you create and how you interact with Okay
  • Activity from apps you use and websites you visit


To give you more control over the ads you see, we have a number of tools to manage your advertising experience.
Okay has created specific ad programs for businesses to choose the programs that suit them. Ads reach people who match a certain description. Based on their interests, age, gender, location, information about who visits your profile or business website.

Ads are reviewed for community rules before being activated.
Ads that contain:

  • Fake account, cyber security spam or inauthentic behavior, misinformation or account switching
  • Hate speech, violence and harsh content, nudity and adult sexual activity or offering sexual services for a fee
  • Violence and criminal behavior by dangerous individuals or organizations, coordination of harmful actions and promotion of criminal acts or restricted goods and services, deception and misrepresentation.
  • Suicide and self-harm, sexual exploitation and abuse of children and child nudity or sexual exploitation of adults, bullying and harassment, human exploitation and violations of privacy or intellectual property.


They are rejected and the profile of the creator of the ads is checked for spam or any traces of infringement.
In case the creator of the ads has created ads that violate the community rules then DELETE his profile.

After the approval of the advertisements, you also make their payment. In cases of cancellation of your ads, Okay does not refund the money but activates a new ad voucher for you with the money in your ad account balance. If the ads violate the community rules and have misled Okay’s ad center, then the money is NOT REFUNDED.