At, we want you to understand what kind of information we collect and how we use and share it. For this reason, we urge you to read its Privacy Policy.

In our Privacy Policy we explain how we collect, use, share, maintain and transmit information. We also explain what your rights are.

It’s important to us that you know how you can control your privacy, so we show you where you can manage your information in the settings of the Okay services you use.

What service does this policy cover?
This policy describes the information we process, for the provision of services. The services we refer to include the following:

  • messenger
  •  okay’s B2B tools

Some of our services have supplemental privacy policies that supplement the information provided in this policy.

The management and protection of the personal data of the website user is governed by the provisions of the current legislation regarding the protection of personal data, the decisions of the competent Authority and the present conditions. will keep on file and process any personal data of the website users that come to its knowledge, taking at the same time every necessary measure in order to preserve the confidentiality of this information. Therefore, these data are never disclosed to third parties, unless this is required by the Law and/or the competent authorities. The processing of this data will only take place for communication, statistical or historical purposes, as well as for the purpose of improving the services provided, and for this the user provides his consent, which is presumed to exist by the use of the website alone. As long as no contrary order is received, is entitled to make use of users’ personal data for the purposes of remote advertising and promotion.

The website is not responsible for the content and services of other websites to which it refers through “links”, hyperlinks or advertising banners, nor does it guarantee their availability. Any problems that may arise when visiting/using the websites to which we refer are solely the responsibility of the respective websites. The reference to other websites is made for the convenience of users and in no case creates any form of commitment for anyone.

Users of the website who are minors may not access services that may be considered inappropriate for minors and that cannot be controlled. reserves the right to change or modify the Privacy Policy at any time, without notifying users. Such changes, modifications, additions or deletions to the Privacy Policy will be effective immediately, i.e. upon their posting. Any use of the website after such change or modification shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by the user of the changes, modifications, additions or deletions.

The information we collect and process depends on how you use our services. For example, we collect different information if you sell products and different information if you publish a post. On our services, you can send messages, take photos and videos, make purchases or sales, and much more. We call this “activity”.

We collect your activity and the information you provide, such as:

  • The content you create, e.g. posts, comments or audio content.
  • The content you provide through your camera feature or camera album settings or through our voice features. The messages you send and receive, as well as their content, in accordance with applicable law. We cannot see the content of end-to-end encrypted messages unless users report it to us for review.
  • Metadata related to content and messages, in accordance with applicable law.
  • The types of content you see or interact with, and how you interact with it.
  • The apps and features you use and what actions you take on them.
  • The hashtags you use.
  • The time, frequency and duration of your activities on our services.

Your views and interactions, in order to provide the Page administrator with aggregated information about users’ use of their Page and its content.


  • We collect information about the friends, followers, groups, accounts, and other users or communities with which you connect and interact. This includes how you interact with those connections on our services and which connections you interact with the most.
  • Information we collect about contacts.
  • We also collect your contact information, such as their name and email address or phone number, if you choose to upload or enter them from a device such as through address book synchronization.
  • We collect information about you based on the activity of other users.
  • We also infer information about you based on the activity of other users.


We collect and receive information from and about the various devices you use and how you use them.
The device information we collect and receive includes the following:

  • The device and software you use and other device characteristics.
  • What you are doing on your device, such as whether our app is running in the foreground or moving your mouse
  • Identifiers that differentiate your device from other users’ devices, including family device identifiers.
  • Information you have shared with us through device settings, such as GPS location, camera access, photos and related metadata.
  • Information about the network you connect your device to, including your IP address.
  • Information from cookies and similar technologies.


We collect and receive information from our Partners and third parties about various information about you and your activities inside and outside of our services.

  • Device information
  • Websites you visit and cookie data, such as through social plugins
  • Apps you use
  • Games you play
  • Purchases and transactions you make
  • Ads you see and how you interact with them
  • How you use our Partners’ products and services, both online and in person. Partners also share with us information such as your email address, cookies and device identifiers from which ads are served. This information helps us match your activities with your account, if you have one.
    Partners also share your communications with us if they ask us to provide services to their businesses, such as to help them manage their communication.



These Partners collect your information when you visit their website or app or use their services, or through other businesses or organizations they work with. Affiliates are required to have the right to collect, use and share your information before forwarding it to us.
We process certain information we receive from our Partners as a joint data controller.